Frequently Asked Questions

When will my item arrive?

Because all the items on Dakota Viola are uniquely usually takes about 30 days for your item to arrive. But remember each item is unique and made just for you!!! (Most of the items are my own designs) 



What if I want to return my item?

Because each item is uniquely made for you, all sales are final. Each item is inspected before shipment for any damages to ensure quality control. Because all sales are final the items (designed by Dakota Viola) will be discounted but all items that are not sold and last season items will be available at my ebay store: (ebay allows for returns) But remember that because each item is uniquely made it may sell out and will not be restocked.

When do you post new items?

Each month my new collection is posted. You have four weeks to purchase. After four weeks any items left over will be available at my ebay shop: or my etsy shop: depending on if it is my design or another persons design.